I am a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies. My current work centres on a single manuscript, Oxford, Trinity College MS 8, also known as the Beauchamp missal. The project examines the social contexts of this manuscript’s production, use, and circulation to launch a broader investigation of how late-medieval English readers negotiated the boundary between accepted and condemned religious practices. In so doing, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to late-medieval devotional practices and the textual communities that fostered them.

I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, where I completed a B.A. in English literature. I moved to Wolfville, Nova Scotia, to pursue an M.A. at Acadia University. I earned my Ph.D. from McGill University in 2015.

I’ve taught at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus (Medieval Poetry of the Fantastic), Brock University (Heroic and Chivalric Literature), McGill (Poetics), and Luther College (First-year English). You can see my CV here.

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