Is… [fffshhh] is this… [crackle] is this thing on?

I’m launching this site in conjunction with the start of my postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies. My project, “In nomine meo: The Texts and Contexts of Oxford, Trinity College MS 8,” shows how a single manuscript, the Beauchamp missal, can serve as a window onto a series of Letter Bcomplex but interrelated aspects of late-medieval society. It examines the social contexts of this manuscript’s production, use, and circulation to launch a broader investigation of how late-medieval English readers negotiated the boundary between accepted and condemned religious practices. In so doing, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to late-medieval devotional practices and the textual communities that fostered them.

The site will include occasional blog posts about my on-going research, my travels to archives and conferences, and other medieval matters. I will also use the site as a repository of my articles and essays, so keep an eye out for when I figure out how to upload those.



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